NASHVILLE, TN, July 1, 2021 -

SRM Concrete announced the construction of a new cement terminal by their cement division, Hollingshead Cement. The structure is being built in Middletown, Ohio, a city on positioned on the Miami River, about 35 miles north of Cincinnati. The terminal will be 160 feet tall and will hold 4,000 tons of cement. 

GM of Hollingshead Cement, Tim Langelier, stated, "We are excited to break ground on the Hollingshead Cement terminal in Middletown. This terminal underscores our commitment to the local area and allows us to continue to serve the needs of our customers."

Hollingshead Cement started in Savannah, Georgia out of a need to service the rapidly growing coastal Carolina, Georgia, and Northern Florida regions. Hollingshead Cement provides bulk cement for numerous applications including ready mix concrete, block, precast concrete, concrete products, and soil stabilization. 

For more information about the Hollingshead Cement terminal in Savannah, Georgia, contact:

Tim Langelier


Lora Smith
(615) 355-1028