Social Responsibility

We believe social responsibility is a long-term investment that serves to strengthen our operations and competitiveness in the marketplace, enhance risk management, attract and engage talented team members, and maintain our reputation.

Environmental Sustainability

SRM believes in honoring and protecting the earth to the best of our abilities. To help preserve our planet for generations to come, we are increasingly focused on introducing sustainability-minded practices and processes that help us manage natural resources more responsibly. From sustainable mining practices to recycling concrete, we are committed to respecting our world.

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Company Culture

At SRM Concrete, we strive to operate in a way that brings honor and dignity to the hard work being done in our industry. Producing and delivering great concrete begins with people, and our company is built on great people.

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Diversity & Inclusion

SRM is committed to ensuring that every voice is heard. We aim to offer dignity and legacy to our team members through family values and advancing career opportunities.

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Giving Back

At SRM, we are helping build our communities with strong concrete and even stronger relationships. Community engagement has been at the core of our business since we started in 1999.

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